Rise and SHINE! ☀️

MASTER your morning and master your day! I find that when I feel out of balance in my life, it is usually because I have fallen out of a good morning routine. I stay up late working, (or playing) and then struggle in the morning to have a powerful start to my day.

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.”

When I go to bed at a decent time, I seem to start my day with a much brighter attitude, and a willingness to take action on the practices that make me feel GREAT!

Lately, I have been staying up late working…sitting at my computer, eating unhealthy food, and struggling to wake up early and get into powerful productivity.

SO…I am creating MORNING MASTERY to get myself back into a routine that is supportive of my health AND my dreams and goals.

It would be awesome if you felt inspired to join in! I would imagine that we all have many of the same activities that help us activate our highest self, and some are probably unique to each individual. So I am going to create a list of a few of the things we can choose to do each morning and feel free to add your own! Whatever activities or practices that activate your body, mind and spirit.

For me, prayer and meditation – just sitting in the stillness with no electronics or noise helps me SO much. It takes 5 minutes or less and at times I am challenged to get it in every day.

Also…WATER! First thing! Before coffee. And after coffee. And all day long.

And BREATHE. Just breathe. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Long, slow, deep, conscious, grateful breaths.

Gratitude! Thinking about what you are thankful for is SO MAGNETIZING! Feeeeling grateful can bring in MORE to be grateful for! Wooohoooo!

WRITING. Writing what you are grateful for takes it even a step further toward activating JOY in your life. OR, just write stream-of-consciousness thought. Anything that comes into your mind. Even if all you write at first is “I don’t know what to write…”, this gets the creativity flowing. I am always surprised at the juicy nuggets that land on my paper if I just keep writing.

Also writing affirmations…positive statements about yourself, your life, and what you are creating. “I am SO grateful that I have a morning routine that supports my powerful productivity.” “I am so happy and grateful that I now take action on the things that uplevel my life.

”S T R E T C H!! One of the most important ones for me as I sit at my desk working so much.I love yoga and just look up videos online. For me, stretching is BLISS. Does that make me do it regularly? Not so far. Moving my body in any way is a top priority! Exercise, trampoline, walking, riding my bike, dancing, swimming, hiking.

Another thing I love to do is get on a zoom call with my soul tribe community The Legendary Tribe every morning. www.legendaryzoom.com at 7:40 AM Pacific time. When I get myself to bed at a decent time, I wake up excited to get on. When I don’t get enough sleep. All bets are off. The Legendary Tribe shows up EVERY day and Allison, Gerald and Tony are an inspiring example of morning mastery! Join in and check it out! Link above…

Also worth considering…Are there any thoughts, habits, patterns or activities that take away from your beautiful morning mastery? Anything you would like to let go of? Anything that is life-draining vs. life promoting? Something to think on…and make changes where necessary.

I was going to call this “Morning Mastery Challenge”, but then I decided that it is already a challenge. So this will be more of a “Leaning Into…”

We can choose 3 (or more) practices each morning, and celebrate our choices!We will do our very best to be conscious of the ways we begin our days and make improvements! And CELEBRATE the little wins! YAY US! 🙌

I figured if I state this publicly, then that will be more of an accountability for me to stick to the plan and Master my morning routine!

I also love making lists. Setting up the priorities for my day. I find that this gets it out of my brain and onto the paper. It frees me up mentally to move on to other things.

Think of what you might need to uplevel the way you start your day…Write it down! Join me in creating a powerful life that gets you excited to Rise and SHINE!

I Love You!

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