Friends…I heard recently that “Your mess is your message”.

This has led me down memory lane in my own life about some of the challenges I have had to overcome and how different I am today because of it.

Life really is a process of ups and downs.

Our challenges ARE our opportunities!

I think back to the time I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day (for 20 years) and shamed myself for it every time, to now being a BREATHWORK and yoga teacher for over a decade!

Or going through cancer and heavy duty chemo that challenged me to recognize the power of my own mind in my healing, which allowed me to go on to have a baby naturally that the doctors said I could not have.

The super challenging relationships which allowed me to find my voice and deepen my spiritual practice.

I could go on and on about the “messes” in my life that have challenged me to grow.

What “messes” have been opportunities for growth for you?

I put together an online course with some simple tools and techniques that I have learned over the years that help elevate our energy and make our life more of what we want it to be. Turning our “mess into our message”.

My messes have led me to this point of really wanting to share the things I have found that make life a little easier and way more fun.

Oh, and they also help with health, happiness, and wellness in every area of your life.

Keys for Creation is a simple 8 week course with practices that build on eachother week after week.

The lessons include the ancient Tibetan breathwork that I have taught for many years that has changed lives all over the world, including mine! It balances the endocrine system and activates your superpowers!

I haven’t added everything I want to just yet, but I wanted to get this course online for those who may be called to try something different to make positive changes in their life.

There are many other tools that I will be sharing as bonus add-ons to the course!

Activate your personal power and creative mastery, using modern tools and ancient wisdom.

Breathwork, Meditations, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Spiritual “Experiments”, and many other ancient (thousands of years old) secrets for living your highest and best life!

Clear any blocks to your complete health, wellness, and success.

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