I have had the pleasure of taking many classes on Mentalphysics breathwork with Jody Curtis. The classes have opened me up and given me new tools to process this daily life, to access my higher self and to manifest my own healing, both physically and emotionally. She has been given access to the original writing of Ding Le Mei/ Edward Dingle the teacher who originally brought the concept of breathwork to the west. You can’t help but feel the presence of this master flow thru her teaching. I experienced an unbelievable peace at the end of each and every class no matter how I entered that day. I can’t recommend this sister more, to guide you thru this empowering practice. 

In all love, Tirzah Wilkins

“Jody is that rare person – so earnest about helping others she is keeping alive a Tibetan healing tradition thousands of years old.”

–Matt Perry HealthStoryCoaching.com 

“As a previous student of Jody’s breathwork classes, I cannot recommend her highly enough as a teacher and guide. I came in basically knowing nothing about breathwork. The environment Jody creates around learning meditation and breathwork is so deeply safe, healing, and accepting. I felt so completely at home, in the class and in my body. I am blown away by Jody’s grasp and *mastery* of these meditation and breathwork practices — you can tell her teachings are deeply rooted in her own experiences, study, and personal practices. You can *feel* that she has infused these teachings into her daily life. Her wisdom and even her voice are so calming. Working with Jody and the environment she creates around her of curiosity and exploration of spiritual teachings led me down a path where I now am studying more about energy work and healing. 

Once your life has been touched by Jody’s energy, you will see how her positivity is infectious, and how her connection to the messiness of being human makes you feel safe in your vulnerability! During our time here on earth, we have the choice to explore these tools (like breathwork) that reconnect us to our divinity… that remind us we are so much more than just our human bodies. And learning these tools helps us walk through the world with more grace and compassion, for others as well as ourselves.

I am so grateful for meeting and working with Jody. She is very wise indeed and has so much to offer anyone seeking to dive deeper into their own spiritual practices.”

~Joanna Kelley www.joannajaelkelley.com