Learn about the ancient secret solutions of Siddha Veda for healing any condition. Body, Mind and Emotions.

Ayushakti has served more than a million people around the world through chain of Ayushakti clinics. Ayushakti has successfully helped people from 108 countries suffering from many chronic health conditions like Breathlessness, Allergies, Joint & Back Pain, Skin Issues, Sugar Management, Weight Management, Circulation Issues, Hair Problems, Emotional issues and many other chronic health challenges.

What does the consultation include?

Ayushakti Vaidya will understand what health issues you have and what the symptoms are, and accordingly they will make recommendation based on Ayurvedic Principles. The recommendations will include the following:

Proven effective herbal remedies – to promote healthy body functions Customized Diet, life style – To support fast recovery from chronic ailments
Marmaa (pressure point techniques) – for instant relief

Once you make the appointment, you will get a confirmation email with all necessary details like address and how to prepare for your appointment.


Happy Healing!

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