This ancient Tibetan Breathwork practice, led by Reverend Jody Curtis will activate and energize your entire being in only 15 minutes a day!

This Valentines Day, Love Yourself First and give from the overflow! Give yourself the gift of peace, joy, and vibrant health, practicing ancient Tibetan breathwork passed down from Master to student for thousands of years.

Join with a like-minded community online on Zoom for a mid-day refresher for nine consecutive days, for just 15 minutes each day. I promise you will leave each session feeling better than you did when you logged on!

*This breathwork is powerful and transformative, and may kickoff deeper healing and a new way of being in your life. It may activate your highest creativity, self-love and peace of mind, and cause you to become a magnet for magnificence.

Please ONLY join if you would like more of the above mentioned. *

Donation-based practice. Join for any amount that will help you be committed to the process for 9 consecutive days and beyond.

Click here to join:

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